Sunrise Power Solutions Powers SCCC's STEM Center with Solar Energy

May 25, 2023

Sunrise Power Solutions is thrilled to announce its pivotal role in the groundbreaking 211.82KWDC Solar PV rooftop installation at the highly anticipated Renewable Energy STEM Center at Suffolk County Community College. This remarkable collaboration, spearheaded by the college, marks a significant stride towards a sustainable future and the advancement of education in the fields of renewable energy and STEM.

Rendering - 2019
May - 2023

Located at the Grant Campus in Brentwood, NY, the STEM Center is poised to become an architectural marvel and a beacon of sustainability. At the forefront of energy-efficient design, this cutting-edge facility will operate as a "net zero" building, leveraging the abundant power of solar energy to meet its energy needs in a sustainable manner.

Sunrise Power Solutions, alongside the highly trained and experienced Local 25 union electricians, take immense pride in being an integral part of this groundbreaking moment. Their expertise, combined with Sunrise Power Solutions' own, was instrumental in revising the design and flawlessly installing the Solar PV rooftop system.

The PV Solar rooftop installation at the Renewable Energy STEM Center goes beyond environmental impact reduction. It serves as a dynamic learning environment, inspiring and empowering future generations of students to pursue rewarding careers in renewable energy and STEM fields. By showcasing the possibilities and potential of solar power, Suffolk Community College instills a deep sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship in its students.

The visionary leadership of Suffolk Community College in fostering sustainability and promoting renewable energy has been instrumental in bringing this transformative project to fruition. Their dedication to providing an innovative learning environment aligns seamlessly with Sunrise Power Solutions' mission to empower communities through renewable energy solutions.

Sunrise Power Solutions extends its heartfelt appreciation to Suffolk Community College for their unwavering commitment and foresight in championing this sustainable future. As the Solar PV rooftop installation progresses, both organizations will continue to work synergistically, spearheading sustainable innovation and fostering community partnerships.

The official launch of the Renewable Energy STEM Center at Suffolk Community College is scheduled to take place on June 1st, 2023. This highly anticipated event will mark the culmination of extensive planning and collaborative efforts between SCCC, Sunrise Power Solutions and all other teams involved in the project.

For more details on the Solar PV Rooftop installation, please visit our projects page: Projects - Renewable Energy STEM Center

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