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Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) is a foundation technology we employ when delivering sustainable energy solutions that provide our customers with a host of benefits. Our experience with energy storage solutions or battery storage systems includes a range of industries and project types, from government and education to manufacturing and hospitality.

Energy Service

Environmental Benefits

  • Stores energy captured by solar or CHP systems to provide energy to your building systems.
  • Reduces carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses and other air pollutants.

Economic Benefits

  • Shifts your building electrical load from day to night (demand shifting).
  • Enables you to pay mainly off-peak rates for significant savings.
  • Reduces your energy rates and adds efficiency to your building through peak shaving and demand shifting applications.

Reliability Benefits

  • Reduces reliance on grid for energy needs.
  • Provides continuous power generation in the event of a disaster or grid disruption.

Our ESS solution provides comprehensive, turnkey construction, from concept to operation and maintenance, including:

  • Site Survey
  • Permitting and Finance
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Operations and Maintenance

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