South Huntington School District Solar Installation: Project Launch

June 20, 2023

Sunrise Power Solutions, in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc, is thrilled to announce the launch of an ambitious PV Solar project for the South Huntington School District. This pioneering initiative aims to bring sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to the district's educational institutions while promoting environmental stewardship and clean energy practices.

As part of this groundbreaking endeavor, Sunrise Power Solutions will install PV Solar Carports at the following schools within the South Huntington School District:

                                                       -Birchwood Intermediate School – 72kWDC

                                                        -Countrywood Primary Center – 163.06kWDC

                                                        -Oakwood Primary Center – 48kWDC

                                                        -Silas Wood Sixth Grade Center – 215.8kWDC

                                                        -Henry L Stimson Middle School – 385.7Kwdc

                                                        -Walt Whitman High School – 271.4kWDC

These PV Solar Carports will harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable energy, reducing the schools' carbon footprint and lowering energy costs. The installations will significantly contribute to the district's sustainability goals and provide educational opportunities for students to learn more about the benefits of solar energy.

Sunrise Power Solutions breaks ground at Henry L Stimson Middle School (378.8kWDC Carport)

The overall project is scheduled to be completed by end of 2023. Throughout the installation process, Sunrise Power Solutions will provide regular updates to the South Huntington School District and the public, highlighting the progress and milestones achieved at each location. By staying connected with Sunrise Power Solutions, community members will have the opportunity to witness the positive impact of renewable energy firsthand.

Sunrise Power Solutions remains dedicated to advancing the adoption of sustainable energy solutions across various sectors. The company's experienced team of professionals will ensure the successful implementation of this PV Solar project, adhering to the highest industry standards and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

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