PV Solar Rooftop, PV Solar Carport

Westbury School District

Westbury, NY 11568

About This Project

The 340.71kWDC PV Solar Rooftop system at Westbury Middle School is an innovative installation that optimizes available space while maximizing energy generation. Comprised of high-efficiency solar panels, the system is integrated seamlessly into the school's existing architecture, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. This installation will offset a substantial portion of the school's energy consumption, leading to reduced electricity costs and a more sustainable future for Westbury Middle School.

The 813.44kWDC PV Solar Carport system at Westbury High School is a remarkable addition to the district's sustainability efforts. By utilizing the school's parking area, this solar installation not only generates clean energy but also provides shaded parking spaces for staff and visitors. This dual-purpose design demonstrates Westbury School District's commitment to both environmental responsibility and the well-being of its community members.



Westbury, NY 11568

Installation Type

PV Solar Rooftop, PV Solar Carport

System Size

1,154.15kW DC, 899.9kW AC
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