PV Solar Rooftop, PV Solar Ground Mount, Energy Storage Systems

Village of Greenport

Greenport, NY 11944

About This Project

Sunrise Power Solutions successfully completed the installation of PV Solar and Energy Storage Systems at the Greenport Fire Department and the Greenport Wastewater Treatment Plant. These installations include a 39.48kWDC PV Solar Rooftop system with a 50KW Battery Storage system at the Fire Department and a 107.16kWDC PV Solar Ground Mount system with a 100KW Battery Storage system at the WWTP. The battery storage systems offer several benefits, including demand shifting, cost savings through off-peak rate utilization, peak shaving, and reduced reliance on the grid. Additionally, the battery storage systems provide continuous power generation during emergencies or grid disruptions, enhancing the resilience and reliability of the facilities.

Greenport Fire Department PV Solar Rooftop System - 39.48kWDC, 33.3kWAC

(84 - 470W Trina Solar Modules, 1 - 33.3KW Solar Edge Inverter)

Battery Storage System: 50kW

Greenport WWTP PV Solar Ground Mount System- 107.16kWDC, 100kWAC

(228 - 470W Trina Solar Modules, 2 - 50KW SMA Core 1 Inverters)  

Battery Storage System: 100kW



Greenport, NY 11944

Installation Type

PV Solar Rooftop, PV Solar Ground Mount, Energy Storage Systems

System Size

Total kW's: 146.64kWDC, 133.3kWAC, 150kW Battery Storage System
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