PV Solar Rooftop

Renewable Energy STEM Center

Suffolk Community College, Grant Campus

About This Project

Sunrise Power Solutions installed a state-of-the-art solar energy system at Suffolk Community College's Renewable Energy STEM Center. This cutting-edge installation marks a significant milestone in the college's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. The PV Solar rooftop installation, with a capacity of 211.82KWDC, harnesses the power of the sun to meet the center's energy needs, ensuring a "net zero" building. Sunrise Power Solutions' expertise in design and implementation has resulted in optimal performance and maximum energy generation, solidifying their dedication to supporting green initiatives. This solar installation not only reduces the college's environmental impact but also serves as a dynamic learning environment, inspiring future generations of students to pursue careers in renewable energy and STEM fields while fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Solar Modules - 476 SL40-72MAI-445V

Inverters - 3 SMA Core1 50



Suffolk Community College, Grant Campus

Installation Type

PV Solar Rooftop

System Size

211.82KW DC, 150KW AC

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